Skinny September – The Weekend!


So, the weekend is slightly different, sometimes a bit harder to exercise and eat well. But we can try….

Saturday night meal… Mediterranean Turkey Breast Steaks (click here for your dinner recipe)

Exercise first thing on Saturday morning with your partner, friend or kids.  If you have a family, make it a family thing. The weather is going to be fantastic so why not take yourself to the beach.  Beach walking or running is excellent exercise.  Gardening is also a great option, you might be surprised at how much hard work it actually is.  So the idea for the weekend is the more activity the better.

Saturday is a good day to have some “cheat” foods, whatever that might be for you, just don’t over do it.

Remember to keep putting notes in your “me” diary which helps to keep you on track.

Dinner Recipes are courtesy of Nutrition Complete, a weightloss meal planning system available online, included in our personal training packages. Monthly memberships are available for $15 per month.