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Need some motivation to get out and exercise?

Need some motivation to get out and exercise? How about those puppy eyes?

We are always looking for the motivation on a cold morning to get out and do something. Everyday my dogs sit outside my window and look in with their big puppy dog eyes until they hear those words ‘WALK’. How can I resist?

Dogs are a great way to keep you out walking no matter the weather. They need a walk at least once a day if not more and they also need your attention and company. Now I don’t mean driving your dog to the park, letting them off the lead and catching up with your friends, I mean actually walking with your dog, if you do go to the park then run laps with them, throw the ball and play with them. It’s a great way of getting your daily exercise without it actually feeling like a chore.

So next time you are unmotivated to get outside and do your daily exercise, have a look into your dogs eyes! If you don’t have a furry friend then check out winterpaws for information on adopting a malamute or husky and the RSPCA to find all animals available for adoption, you could end up saving each other.