Online Coaching

Online Coaching

If you aren’t able to join locally, why don’t you try an online coaching package.

This is a really convenient and cost effective way to have a personal training and nutritional coach at times convenient to you, which could be outside regular office hours, or maybe when the kids go to bed, perhaps you work away but still have access to the internet such as FIFO/Offshore workers.

Consistency is key so even if you do work away, and need a trainer when you come home, you can still have your coach on-hand while you are working and not lose any momentum.

It’s so simple and convenient:

  • First consultation is free
  • 30 minute sessions of workouts and weightloss or healthy eating coaching
  • measurements every 2 weeks
  • meal planning options tailored to you
  • free access to any group session in your area
  • free access to the CHF App to track meals and progress
  • free access to members only session for exclusive content, exercise videos and educational webinars

All at your convenience, for 30 mins, all you need is a device that connects to the internet, wherever you are in the state, country or world at the time!


Please give us a call on 0439 523 619 or use the form to make a booking with us.

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