Who We Are

Since 2007 Create Health & Fitness Perth has been dedicated to creating fitness techniques designed to provide healthier mental and physical wellbeing through  fun fitness activities, hands-on low allergy simple cooking and nutritional education and Outdoor Fitness & Personal Training.  With a holistic focus, and a experience in migraine and fatigue health, we look at you as an individual and find ways that work for your own personal health.

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How It Works

It’s all about balance…
We at Create Health & Fitness want to make you the healthiest you can be, from head to toe, literally. Whether your need one on one personal training and coaching, or a group environment, we are specialists at helping you find your best you again and keeping you that way!

Book in now for your free consultation as your first step, then we can find out what will work best for you.

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Nutrition & Cooking

Are you struggling with your diet, trying to eat healthy, not sure what to cook or even how to cook?? Are you struggling with trying to manage your weight or family members weight? or maybe you just need some help, with figuring out why exactly you are struggling with this, and what to do, from a holistic perspective.

We at Create Health & Fitness are here to help you find what will work for you.

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Create Workplace Wellness for Legal Teams

We believe that you should play to your strengths, so we have created a workplace wellness program just for lawyers, in-house counsel and their support staff.  Having the understanding and experience of the challenges of the day to day legal industry, as well as what keeps us healthy mentally and physically, we have combined these two passions to create a bespoke holistic, one-one consultative workplace wellness service.

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Create Health & Fitness – Perth WA

Holistic Health and Personal Training

It is now more than ever that everyone needs to consider daily lifestyle habits, the ever increasing need to look after our mental wellbeing, daily activity and the nutritional value to health of fresh, low allergenic food.

With the rate of chronic disease increasing and the impact it has on your life, your family and our overworked health system, it’s never too early to make some changes in your life, for the future healthier you.

Less illness, less doctor’s visits, less health bills, better all-round mental and physical wellbeing.

Create Health and Fitness offers you your own private Holistic Health & Fitness Consultant and Personal Trainer who will focus on building a bespoke health and fitness strategy for your future health that is sustainable.  We offer a confidential, private service, you won’t see photos of you on our social media pages, unless you would like to be featured!

Working virtually with clients internationally and mobile locally around Perth in areas such as:

Perth CBD, Subiaco, Floreat, Mt Hawthorn, Mt Lawley & North Perth and in the northern suburbs in and around Joondalup.

Our trainers are here to assist you in making those changes necessary to recreate or maintain your mental wellbeing, general health and fitness with the right combination of creative fitness techniques, outdoor and fun activities, and practical, sustainable, nutritional cooking and meals advice.

Whether you are struggling with ‘you’ and life generally and are looking for some time out for exercise with a personal trainer or looking to just get yourself fit and looking more like you again, we would love to hear from you. Looking after you is what we do best.

Our Services

CreateU4x4 FitTechniques Program

A 4-week intensive beginners group program delivered online and offline and designed to encourage full engagement in finding you again, with a focus on mental wellbeing, understanding the value of seasonal nutrition with hands on cooking and meal planning, fitness and outdoor activity excursions all in a non-intimidating and inclusive, fun environment.  Contact us for more information…

Personal Trainer: You-fit

Fully focussed on you, One-on-one personal training, wherever you are!

Private Group Weightloss Challenges

Are you a group of girls all looking to lose a bit of weight and get a fitter, more toned bod? Why not set up a private weightloss challenge.

Group Fitness: Group-fit

Fitness for small groups of friends or work colleagues of 3-6

Nutritional Coaching and Weight Management Consultations

In addition to our general personal training services, we offer a separate consultation to discuss your weight management program.


Please give us a call on 0439 523 619 or use the form to make a booking with us.

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