Veggie Squishie Bites

This is a recipe you can make with the kids as a veggie snack alternative for their school lunches or you could have alongside your evening dinner.

You can use any combination of vegetables but this is what I used:

1 x bag of small Sweet potatoes and 2 potatoes, mashed and seasoned as preferred (salt, pepper and some olive oil spread, you could use a little bit of butter). (Leave skins on for extra fibre and texture)

1 x zucchini roughly chopped up in a blender – cook for a few minutes just to take away the rawness of the zucchini, then sieve off the liquid.

1 x apple roughly chopped up in a blender.

Craisens – you’re choice just enough to add a sweetness to the mix.

Parmesan – about a tablespoon but again, to your liking.

Lightly roasted Fava Beans (in the health food section of coles) (blitzed, these are your crumbs)

You could add other veggies, just blitz them in your food processor but I used a nutribullet just for speediness.

Mix it all up together, season as preferred, use herbs and spices.

Take small spoons of the mix and make into balls or small patties and roll in the crumb mix. No eggs required (unless you want to).

You can eat these as is as everything is already cooked or you can lightly pan fry for a crispy outer crust!

Let me know if you make any tasty variations that we should know about!

Enjoy 🙂


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