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Mental Well-Being

We at Create Health and Fitness believe that key contributors to mental wellbeing are: 

  • Doing something for yourself that you enjoy, outdoors in a non-confrontational, friendly and inspiring environment, regularly, and away from your usual place of comfort 
  • Eating a balanced and nutritious diet, with realistic and manageable meals and snacks 
  • Learning and carrying out stress reducing techniques 
  • Connecting with other people on a frequent basis 
  • Fitness in the outdoors for fresh air and a feeling of space 
  • Committing to your mental wellbeing, no matter how hard it is, achieving a goal no matter how small as long as it’s meaningful to you 

With nearly one in 10 Australian’s currently taking antidepressant or antianxiety medication it just shows how much we need to make changes to help keep this problem at bay.   There are people trying to fight this pain and you may never know they just need someone to reach out and be willing to share their needs.   We want to do anything at all that might help this horrible darkness felt by people suffering in silence or just suffering from any type of mental illness and struggling with treatment.  Not that we claim to be experts but we do believe that we can help in some way by building fun, useful, friendly, committed, educating and inspiring programs and training sessions.  These programs or fitness sessions for an hour every other day, with consistent effort, might just help a little bit more long term to reduce the feelings of despair felt when mental wellbeing is off balance. 

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