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Improving your legal team’s wellbeing by just listening…..

I think the answer to this question is, of course, as a first step!

Active listening

Whether you already have a wellness program in place or are thinking of one, listening to your team is the first most important step, how they see their current environment at the office, what do they feel they need personally to make coming to work a really positive part of their life?

You do need to listen to everyone, not only the ones who are already interested in this area.  It’s usually the ones who most need help that remain silent, or hide from any corporate fitness activities for fear of being judged in some way.  Really look for signs of staff members who are struggling with the day to day emotional stress of having to perform, having multiple deadlines to meet, and client expectations to manage.  Not only that, they may also be juggling home and family commitments that’s also causing some stress which is leading to lower quality work output and poor overall general health.

Environment and influenced behaviours 

The environment we live and work in creates certain behaviours, and the people around us influence how we live.  What if we can, through our workplaces, provide more in-depth wellness programs that can then influence how employees live their lives by encouraging healthy habits and reducing stress, individually.  Programs that really get beneath the surface?

Changes one individual makes, can inspire the people around them.

The bigger picture strategy

I know this is a big picture, long-term strategy of influence, but in the current health climate of obesity and childhood obesity, mental and emotional health issues, diabetes, and chronic illness, it should be something we need to really consider, how to reach the masses and make a community change.  Can businesses help to change our communities’ beliefs around health by subtly changing work environments?  Our health systems are under so much pressure from diseases that are preventable by a few changes, if we could only reach more people to encourage them to make small changes.   I believe that businesses and companies can definitely help to make an impact on a large scale, with the right programs.  With so many people spending large amounts of time working, it seems like a good place to start.

Look, listen and feel what your teams are in need of, and then craft a plan that can bring about meaningful, lasting change, for both company and team.

The warm and fuzzies

Staff do like to feel like they are integral to the team and appreciated for their efforts.  A one-one initial approach is likely to give your staff the feeling of being appreciated and supported.  They might want to have a health and fitness consultant themselves privately or a personal trainer, nutritionist or health coach on their side at all times, but won’t necessarily seek that service out for themselves because they don’t have time after work, can’t fit it in, or its just not a priority in the budget.  Provide the time during the day for consultation, and it might just help to keep staff accountable to their diet, exercise and emotional support plans.

A bespoke wellness program, or one that complements a current one

If you need help with getting more out of your current program, or in creating a holistic and sustainable strategy that will really bring about changes to your legal teams, see our Create Workplace Wellness Program, specifically designed for Law firms, in-house legal teams and their support staff.  Our Health and Fitness Consultants provide a one-one bespoke service so contact us for chat to see what we can assist your teams with.

Why choose us? Angie Hazell has 20 years experience in the legal industry from administration, HR, marketing and management, in medium sized full service firms, to top-tier national firms, as well as 13 years health and fitness industry knowledge and qualifications.  Combining both passions and having an understanding of the needs of the industry is something that works well together to bring an approach that is more specialised and focussed only on lawyers, in-house legal teams and their support staff.

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The great grain debate! To eat or not to eat… and then there’s seeds…

Are you conflicted about whether to eat or not to eat grains for fear of inflammation and weight gain? Are you a ‘new’ gluten sensitive, a celiac or gluten intolerant and don’t know how to deal with grains?  Well a few things about grains that should help you decide.

When you’re thinking grains, you need to think quality first. The better the quality, the better the nutrient value. This is why we eat right? To feed our cells so they make our body work!

So, wholegrains are a great source of iron, fibre, and B vits and help you to stay fuller for longer, help to keep your sugars level and promote good digestion.

But which ones should you choose?

First, of course, stay away from refined grains such as white breads, pasta, white rice, and always choose whole grain – do I even need to say that!   There are lots of great grainy breads and wraps, pasta made with all different types of grains to choose from.

Quinoa is a good protein packed gluten free grain but I find its best when mixed with brown rice. Remember that brown rice contains the highest amount of B vitamins out of all grains, and contains iron, magnesium, amino acids and is high in fibre.

Amaranth is delicious but can be high in calories so use limited amounts. Buckwheat has a taste that you need to get used to but it is a really great staple if you are gluten free. Couscous can be incorporated into a meal, from what I remember (pre-celiac knowledge!) its a nice fluffy grain that you can cook with any protein and veggies!

I do have to say that I use seeds a lot to provide that grainy texture to foods and of course they are super nutritious too. Yes, they have fat, but it is fat that is useful to us! Seeded crackers are a good staple snack for me as a grain substitute if I’m on the road (try the gluten free aisle for these). Coles carries a brand called Olina’s (pictured) but of course you can make your own. More on that in later recipes.

All in all, don’t be afraid of grains, and if you do want to check out grains, choose wisely, and just eat a small portion, fill up your plate with veggies first, then protein and then your grain. You don’t need a lot, but you do need some to keep a balance. But of course, everyone is an individual, so try them all out and see which ones you like!

If you suffer from migraines, like me, then grains at most meals is really key to keeping a sugar and energy balance which helps keep migraines away!

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Holistic Health & Fitness Consultant

Angie Hazell has been a qualified personal trainer and certified nutrition coach, looking after clients since 2007 with real experience of holistic health, fitness and coaching.  Contact us now to arrange your free initial consultation to discuss a bespoke and sustainable holistic strategy for your healthy future!