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The great grain debate! To eat or not to eat… and then there’s seeds…

Are you conflicted about whether to eat or not to eat grains for fear of inflammation and weight gain? Are you a ‘new’ gluten sensitive, a celiac or gluten intolerant and don’t know how to deal with grains?  Well a few things about grains that should help you decide.

When you’re thinking grains, you need to think quality first. The better the quality, the better the nutrient value. This is why we eat right? To feed our cells so they make our body work!

So, wholegrains are a great source of iron, fibre, and B vits and help you to stay fuller for longer, help to keep your sugars level and promote good digestion.

But which ones should you choose?

First, of course, stay away from refined grains such as white breads, pasta, white rice, and always choose whole grain – do I even need to say that!   There are lots of great grainy breads and wraps, pasta made with all different types of grains to choose from.

Quinoa is a good protein packed gluten free grain but I find its best when mixed with brown rice. Remember that brown rice contains the highest amount of B vitamins out of all grains, and contains iron, magnesium, amino acids and is high in fibre.

Amaranth is delicious but can be high in calories so use limited amounts. Buckwheat has a taste that you need to get used to but it is a really great staple if you are gluten free. Couscous can be incorporated into a meal, from what I remember (pre-celiac knowledge!) its a nice fluffy grain that you can cook with any protein and veggies!

I do have to say that I use seeds a lot to provide that grainy texture to foods and of course they are super nutritious too. Yes, they have fat, but it is fat that is useful to us! Seeded crackers are a good staple snack for me as a grain substitute if I’m on the road (try the gluten free aisle for these). Coles carries a brand called Olina’s (pictured) but of course you can make your own. More on that in later recipes.

All in all, don’t be afraid of grains, and if you do want to check out grains, choose wisely, and just eat a small portion, fill up your plate with veggies first, then protein and then your grain. You don’t need a lot, but you do need some to keep a balance. But of course, everyone is an individual, so try them all out and see which ones you like!

If you suffer from migraines, like me, then grains at most meals is really key to keeping a sugar and energy balance which helps keep migraines away!

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