Holistic Online Personal Training

Holistic Online Personal Training

Holistic online or “virtual” Personal Training always a good way to start your journey into looking after your health, this way it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, you can still continue to keep fit and healthy having someone on your side where every you are!   We will discuss what your specific needs are, then tailor to those.  We always coach you along with way, at every session and between sessions we are always available to contact if you aren’t sure about a particular exercise or recipe, food or snack.

You will receive a free first consultation by face to face chat via zoom or face time, so that we can visually see you and talk through what you would like to incorporate into your program, any health or injury concerns, potential food sensitivities, logistical issues or barriers and just to meet and be comfortable with your trainer and ready to start.  When you are on board, you will receive free access to our health app, a monthly recipe book and meal planner, along with a shopping list to make sure you are all set.

As women, and a bag of hormones! At every stage of our lives, our bodies change, not only mentally but physically, as do our needs. Our holistic personal training and nutritional consulting takes this into consideration and looks at not only your physical aspects of what you would like to change, but overall where you are at in your life stages as this will determine how we provide advice on your holistic exercise and nutritional plan.

As part of every holistic personal training and nutritional consulting package you will receive access to our health app, a new recipe book monthly along with a meal options planner and shopping list, access to private events and webinars.

Holistic Online Personal Training Package 0ne-on-One Includes:

  • First consultation is free, by Zoom or FaceTime
  • Regular health and fitness assessments
  • Option of 30 or 45 minute fitness sessions, dependant upon your schedule
  • Meal planner options and recipes
  • Free access to our health and fitness app, includes exercise videos, workouts, coaching content
  • 24/7 access to your trainer via the app

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