Skinny September – Friday Plan!


Fish Parcels with Lemon, Dill and Onion (click here for tonight’s dinner recipe – takes 10 mins!!)

Brekkie – 1 x slice of grainy toasted bread and lite cream cheese with tomatoes and lots of cracked pepper

Snack – 1 x piece of fruit and a handful of mixed nuts, include brazils and walnuts

Lunch – chicken salad 50g, lots of dark leafy greens, flax seed oil, sesame seeds. Add a small grainy roll.

Snack – 1 x piece of fruit and handful of seeds.

Dinner – Fish Parcels, per recipe super quick!

Exercise – Try exercising at lunch time today instead of in the evening. Go out for a brisk walk for 45 mins or if you are able to shower at your office, try a walk/jog again but try 2 mins jog, 1 min walk or attend a class. Take one of your workmates with you for motivation!

If you are going out for after work drinks, try to stick to no more than two, if you have access to gin or vodka, choose one of those and add soda with fresh lemon.

Remember to write in your “me” Diary!

Enjoy! Angie :o)

Dinner Recipes are courtesy of Nutrition Complete, a weightloss meal planning system available online, included in our personal training packages. Monthly memberships are available for $15 per month.