What better to give to your mum on mother’s day than the gift of wellbeing, just for her.  Or better still, mum’s love to spend time with daughters so why not join your mum for some exercise!   Just for Mother’s Day treat your mum to some personal training with a gift voucher, 5 personal training sessions for the price of 3, $210. That’s a huge saving of $140!  OR book 5 training sessions for mum and come along for free!  Every mum gets access to our Fully-Fit Membership and meal planning programme included.

Think about the sacrifices your poor mother made for you all of those years, and oh, she probably still does!!

Why Does Your Mum Need Personal Training?

1. Exercise can reduce the incidence of hot flashes and night sweats in some women.

2. To maintain bone density which reduces dramatically during menopause.  We don’t want our mum’s falling over and breaking things.

3. Activity during menopause can manage the usual weight gain caused by the reduction in hormones and metabolic rate.  Mum’s need to have something to feel good about, not worrying about their waists getting bigger and…. bigger.

4. Reduces the risk of heart attacks, strokes and high blood pressure, also type 2 diabetes.  Cardiovascular disease risks generally decrease with exercise, mum’s can be particularly vulnerable to these, and we don’t want that, we need our mums.

5. Exercise can help with insomnia and getting a restful sleep.  This also helps Dad because mum isn’t so irritable.

6. Mum’s can get quite depressed around menopause, some gentle exercises and support of a personal trainer or group can help to reduce the debilitating symptoms of depression.  Menopausal mum’s don’t need to feel alone.

7. Exercise can give mum just a little bit more energy (to look after you, again).

8. Reduces mum’s stress levels, which is great for everyone!

You see, mums are usually too busy looking after everyone else to worry about themselves, let alone even consider personal training for themselves.  Give your mum some mum only time to find out who she is again and give her that little bit of help in a difficult time of her life, she might not even tell you she’s having a little bit of trouble.

We at Create Health & Fitness promise to look after all menopausal mums!

Just contact us to buy your mum her gift voucher, don’t forget!