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Skinny September – The Weekend!


So, the weekend is slightly different, sometimes a bit harder to exercise and eat well. But we can try….

Saturday night meal… Mediterranean Turkey Breast Steaks (click here for your dinner recipe)

Exercise first thing on Saturday morning with your partner, friend or kids.  If you have a family, make it a family thing. The weather is going to be fantastic so why not take yourself to the beach.  Beach walking or running is excellent exercise.  Gardening is also a great option, you might be surprised at how much hard work it actually is.  So the idea for the weekend is the more activity the better.

Saturday is a good day to have some “cheat” foods, whatever that might be for you, just don’t over do it.

Remember to keep putting notes in your “me” diary which helps to keep you on track.

Dinner Recipes are courtesy of Nutrition Complete, a weightloss meal planning system available online, included in our personal training packages. Monthly memberships are available for $15 per month.

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Skinny September – Friday Plan!


Fish Parcels with Lemon, Dill and Onion (click here for tonight’s dinner recipe – takes 10 mins!!)

Brekkie – 1 x slice of grainy toasted bread and lite cream cheese with tomatoes and lots of cracked pepper

Snack – 1 x piece of fruit and a handful of mixed nuts, include brazils and walnuts

Lunch – chicken salad 50g, lots of dark leafy greens, flax seed oil, sesame seeds. Add a small grainy roll.

Snack – 1 x piece of fruit and handful of seeds.

Dinner – Fish Parcels, per recipe super quick!

Exercise – Try exercising at lunch time today instead of in the evening. Go out for a brisk walk for 45 mins or if you are able to shower at your office, try a walk/jog again but try 2 mins jog, 1 min walk or attend a class. Take one of your workmates with you for motivation!

If you are going out for after work drinks, try to stick to no more than two, if you have access to gin or vodka, choose one of those and add soda with fresh lemon.

Remember to write in your “me” Diary!

Enjoy! Angie :o)

Dinner Recipes are courtesy of Nutrition Complete, a weightloss meal planning system available online, included in our personal training packages. Monthly memberships are available for $15 per month.

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Skinny September – Wednesday Plan!

Balsamic Beef & Sweet Potato Mash (click here for today’s recipe, the quantities are for one person so just double it, etc)


Brekkie – Protein shake with Berries, cinnamon, honey. 250mls

Snack – Greek yoghurt and mixed nuts.

Lunch – Grainy Roll with salad and your choice of protein

Snack – 1 x piece of fruit

Dinner – Beef (or if you are vegetarian, make this recipe with a large field mushroom).

Exercise – Brisk walk, including intervals per yesterday’s plan. Add in some lunges, squats, push ups and tricep dips, try sets of 10 – 15.

Stretch, relax, read or do yoga late in the evening to wind down.

Remember to write in your “me” Diary!

Enjoy! Angie :o)

Dinner Recipes are courtesy of Nutrition Complete, a weightloss meal planning system available online, included in our personal training packages. Monthly memberships are available for $15 per month.

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Tuesday’s Skinny Plan!

Fusilli Pasta with Salmon & Baby Spinach (click here for tonight’s dinner recipe)


Morning brisk walk: 30 – 45 mins

Brekkie – 1 slice of rye bread or grainy bread toasted with fresh avocado and sliced tomatoes and lots of cracked pepper.

Snack – 50g of sliced turkey and 1 x apple

Lunch – pita pocket filled with salad veggies and your choice of protein

Snack – low fat vita wheat crackers and lite cream cheese x 2

Dinner – Salmon and pasta (see recipe), note that the quantities are for 1 person only just double for 2, etc.  The recipe within the planner provides you with the choice of how many people you want to cook for then produces a recipe and shopping list for you. So easy!

Exercise – Join us at Hyde Park at 4.30pm for a group class or find your local rec centre which will have a variety of classes available.  Other options are: going for a walk for a minimum of 45 minutes but include some jogging intervals, walk for 5 mins then add in a 1 min jog and continue (this is for a beginner).  If you have a dvd or a wii, put it on!  I totally recommend Just Dance 2!!

When you go shopping – buy yourself some flowers to brighten up your home, a nice colourful bunch!

Stretch, relax, read or do yoga late in the evening to wind down.

Remember to write in your “me” Diary!

Recipes are courtesy of Nutrition Complete, a weightloss meal planning system available online, included in our personal training packages. Monthly memberships are available for $15 per month.

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Skinny September!

Welcome to Skinny September!

With Spring in the air and summer upon us, what better timing than now to start getting fit and healthy.  You will find daily posts for your Skinny September Coaching Guide on our Blog, Twitter and FB pages to keep you organized and motivated so there’s no excuse!

This is a guide only but should give you enough information to make your healthy regime effective.  Always check with your doctor before starting a new diet or exercise programme if you are unsure of your health or have existing medical conditions.

If you are looking for a more personalized programme then a Create Health & Fitness Personal Training Package, nutritional consultation will be more appropriate for you.

Preparation for the week ahead is key, when you start to prepare yourself, your family, your meals and exercise clothes for the week you will find that you are more likely to keep to the plan.

So just a few pre-programme tips….

1. Mindset – you need to have the right mindset when starting out with any life changes or just getting back on track with your health programme. You must commit to small changes and make the decision that you are going to be kinder to yourself.

2. Time – make sure you factor in the time it takes to go shopping, prepare meal batches and exercise, essentially make some time for yourself for a change.

3. Just do it as Nike says – don’t think about it, just put on your trainers at the time you are supposed to and just do your exercise.  If you think about it too much, you will end up talking yourself out of it and justify why you can’t do any exercise. Try to remember how good you feel after putting in the effort to exercise and why you are doing it.

4. Posting your progress and connecting with other Create Health & Fitness followers will also assist with your commitment to your health regime. Tell us what is happening to you, share any time saving tips you have that are helping you along the way.  Sharing your goals you’re your journey helps you to achieve them!

First thing, preparation:

Are your exercise clothes ready to wear? No? Find them and put them out somewhere you can see them. Where are your runners? Find them and have them ready along with your water bottle and ipod? They all need to be easily accessible.

Your ‘me’ diary, if you don’t have one, just open a blank document on your computer and start making notes of your weight, how you feel, where you would like to be and by when.  Take a picture of yourself now and put it in your diary. The purpose of this is so you can write down everything you eat, do and feel every day for at least 2 weeks, when you see what you have consumed in a day it can be a bit of a shock and motivating at the same time.  It is also a good way to identify any food sensitivities you may have.

Food shopping: make sure you have a stock of fruit, vegetables (including green leafy), nuts and seeds, some low fat crackers, yoghurt, eggs, muesli or porridge, wholemeal/grainy bread, brown rice, cheese, tinned beans (lentils, chick peas, adzuki beans, etc), canned tuna or salmon, corn thins, low fat cottage cheese. Wholemeal wraps are also a good thing to keep in the pantry.  Lean cuts of meats, poultry and fish, no processed meat though.  Clear out your pantry of any sugary snacks that you usually have, that will be detrimental to your progress.

So use Sunday evening and Monday to prepare yourself for the days and weeks to come. Try to go for at least a 45 minute walk on your first day and get all the necessary healthy foods to start your plan.

Monday Meal Examples

Pre-exercise – 1 x apple

Morning brisk walk – 45 mins

Breakfast – bowl of natural muesli and yoghurt with fresh fruit

Snack – handful of nuts and seeds, plus one piece of fruit

Lunch – tuna salad with dark leafy greens, and capsicum, add ½ cup of brown rice

Snack – 1 x piece of fruit or a piece of wholegrain toast and peanut butter if you are working out.

Dinner – protein (less than 80g), fresh vegetables and roasted sweet potato

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Personal Trainer – Nicola!

Nicola joined Create Health & Fitness in March 2011. She is passionate about health and fitness and is a firm believer in educating, motivating and inspiring people to achieve the body they desire, reach specific sporting goals and improving lifestyle.

Nicola is a certified fitness instructor and sports masseuse and has completed her Certificate 3 in Gym Instruction, Certificate 4 in Personal Training along with her certificates in massage (sports and trigger point) with the Australian Institute of Fitness.

Nicola’s background comes from many years’ experience in training, teaching and customer service through industries such as Hospitality and Martial Arts.

Her intentions are to further her studies and specialise in weight loss and injury management and prevention.

Nicola is committed to working hard to help clients attain their goals.

Contact us for more information or booking in with Nicola!

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Gluten Free Vegetarian Scotch Broth Soup

Well I am not only a coeliac but also vegetarian so finding hearty foods can be difficult.  I love scotch broth (being Scottish!) but I can’t eat the barley that goes into that soup to make it delicious! So I made my own version of it sans meat and barley!


1 x Onion (antiviral, antibacterial, anticancer, lower cholesterol, calming)

1 x Chopped up leek (as for onion)

2 x Carrots (antioxidant, anticancer, artery protecting, antibacterial)

2 x Potatoes (protein, Vit A, C, niacin, thiamin & riboflavin, iron, calcium)

1/2 Savoy Cabbage (anticancer, speeds estrogen metabolism, antibacterial, antiviral)

2 Parsnips (six types of anticancer agents)

1/2 cup of brown rice (Vitamin B, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron)

1 x drained and rinsed can of Adzuki Beans (Vitamin B, fibre, magnesium, potassium, iron, zinc copper, manganese)

Gluten free and vegetarian stock powder (you will need about 1.5 litres but adjust to taste).

Essentially all you need to do is chop up everything, put it all in to a really big pot, just bring to the boil the turn it down to a simmer for around one hour.  All the flavours blend together really well and it’s all ready to go.  I usually put the cooled soup into a few containers and freeze in portions for lunch meals.

Delicious and enjoy!!

If you have any recipes that you think us vegiacs might like, please feel free to post a comment!

Angie :o)

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Stress, Nutrition & Exercise

Is this you?  Well as far as I can tell, this is how we all seem to be living our lives right now… excessively S.T.R.E.S.S.E.D! Stress will take it’s toll on your body and not in a particularly good way. Sometimes a small amount of stress can motivate us to take on exciting tasks but when it becomes overwhelming then we need to take action.  Some symptoms of excessive stress are; weight gain or weight loss, high blood pressure, neck and backaches, dizziness, getting emotional over unusual issues, lack of sleep or concentration and frequent illnesses that keep you away from work.

When you are under a lot of stress and strain your adrenal glands produce more hormones which in turn increase your blood pressure and heart rate. This reaction can cause symptoms in any of the organs or systems in the body such as the digestive system and can also create some long term problems if not addressed. By increasing the rate at which the adrenal glands are producing hormones, increases metabolism of nutrients so they are available for the body to use as energy.  Although that may sound good, there is a downside apart from all the side affects already mentioned! You will also lose protein and potassium more quickly as well as decreasing the storage of calcium in your body.  So the need for good quality nutrients are necessary during times of stress.  You can see that as your metabolism increases due to stress, your stores of required nutrients will become depleted more quickly which will lead to those niggling bugs and colds or longterm illnesses.

A balanced diet is the best way to get through stressful times but sometimes it’s the sugary, fatty foods that we crave which only makes things worse.  These foods do not replace the required nutrients that you have lost so just leads to more stress, more illness, a vicious circle.

By putting some quick and simple measures in place, you may just be able to keep better control of stress and live a better quality of life.

1) Eat a well balanced diet, that means preparation, I know I probably say that every post, but it really is key to a balanced diet.  If you don’t prepare your food then you will likely end up eating an unbalanced meal from the store.  Grainy breads, fruits, veggies, protein and “brown” carbohydrates. Remember that good quality carbs are good for the brain.  Refined carbs just place more stress on your body so please avoid, avoid, avoid! Caffeine try to limit your coffees, chocolate and alcohol.

2) Exercise, ideally 60 mins per day, however, this just isn’t manageable in some cases so, split your workouts up, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.  Personal Trainers are great for getting you up and out of bed for your workouts and you don’t even need to think about what you are doing, we do that for you!! If you don’t want anyone to see you then get yourself a Wii and they have a number of fitness games you can try.  Or join a group for motivation.

3) Relaxation, don’t forget that you also need and are allowed to relax! It’s actually a really important thing to do.  Mediation, yoga, or even cooking can be relaxing!

B-complex vitamins are a great nutrient for the nervous system and can be found in a number of foods, if not you can take a good supplement or make up a great soup! I’ll post my stress relieving soup in the next post!

If you would like any further information about how to manage stress or for a healthy eating programme, training programme or some personal training, please do get in touch.

Thanks for reading!

Angie :o)

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Are you an Emotional Eater?

If you’re a fan of The Biggest Loser then you may have recently watched Lara’s emotional confessions about gobbling up a packet of biscuits and feeling powerless to stop; a feeling that many of us know all too well.

Lara’s story highlights why effectively tackling weight issues often involves more than addressing diet and exercise alone – sometimes we need to dig a little deeper. For many of us, the tendency to overeat is often emotionally driven, as we turn to food in order to suppress or soothe negative feelings such as stress, sadness, or loneliness. This pattern can become so habitual that snacking becomes an automatic and unconscious response to uncomfortable feelings. But whatever the emotions that drive us to overeat, the end result is usually the same. The feelings return with a side order of guilt over losing control, which can lead to a self perpetuating cycle. If this sounds like you, there are some steps you can take to regain control over your eating patterns:

  • Take a hunger check: before snacking, consider whether your hunger is physical or emotional.
  • Keep a food diary: keep a record of what you eat and when, as well as how you’re feeling at the time. You may see a pattern emerge showing a connection between mood and food.
  • Manage boredom: if you tend to snack when you’re bored, try distraction techniques – take a walk or phone a friend.
  •  Seek therapy:  if self help just isn’t working, then it’s not a bad idea to consider therapy with a qualified psychologist. Therapy can help you identify factors driving you to overeat and develop healthier ways to deal with emotions.

For some people, seeking therapy for a dietary issue may seem like a last resort when in fact, therapy really should be one of your first appointments when seeking a change in lifestyle.  Remember that therapy doesn’t need to be “taboo” or “serious” just another thing in your “I’m going to have a healthy life  toolbox!”.

How many times does your head rule whether or not you eat that muffin or you talk yourself out of doing exercise for every reason under the sun and you can justify every bit of it?!

At Create Health & Fitness we are partnered with Lisa Harris, Clinical Psychologist from PACT Psychology.  We do recommend that along with your exercise and nutritional programmes that you do seek advice from a Clinical Psychologist to help you achieve your goals, you may even achieve them faster by putting some tactics in place right at the start!  Medicare and Health Provider rebates do apply.

We do offer packages to incorporate Clinical Psychology as part of your programme.

For further information on this topic, please contact us.

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Liv’s Diary #2 The Sports Model Comp!


It is Easter Sunday and 3 weeks away from the competition. I am not aware of any girl who does not like chocolate so today is going to be a huge challenge. Definitely testing my will power today!

In the last few weeks my glute injury has healed quite well but I do not want to risk heavy training as injuries need to be taken care of. This has left me in a bit of a dilemma as my goal was to compete in the Fitness category of the competition which involves, posing in a not so comfortable swimsuit and a 90 second routine showcasing strength, flexibility and stamina. I know if I do this my injury will take a longer time to heal and a substantial amount of money spent at the physio! I have decided instead to compete in the Sports Model section of the competition. It will be great experience for my first comp, my injury will also heal completely and I will be able to compete in the October competition in the Fitness category.

The problem is no matter which category I enter, I still have to abstain from chocolate! One won’t hurt but can I stop myself from eating more….

My current eating program is not far from my usual program, which is everything in moderation, moderate meal sizes and no take away (I’m talking McDonalds etc not Sushi). I have cut down on my carbohydrates (rice and bread) in the last week and increased protein. I have also given up my daily dose of dark chocolate. Hence the struggle today!

I will keep you all posted in the next few days on how I went. Wish me luck!  Want to ask me a question? Just Contact Me!

Liv x