Liv’s Diary #2 The Sports Model Comp!


It is Easter Sunday and 3 weeks away from the competition. I am not aware of any girl who does not like chocolate so today is going to be a huge challenge. Definitely testing my will power today!

In the last few weeks my glute injury has healed quite well but I do not want to risk heavy training as injuries need to be taken care of. This has left me in a bit of a dilemma as my goal was to compete in the Fitness category of the competition which involves, posing in a not so comfortable swimsuit and a 90 second routine showcasing strength, flexibility and stamina. I know if I do this my injury will take a longer time to heal and a substantial amount of money spent at the physio! I have decided instead to compete in the Sports Model section of the competition. It will be great experience for my first comp, my injury will also heal completely and I will be able to compete in the October competition in the Fitness category.

The problem is no matter which category I enter, I still have to abstain from chocolate! One won’t hurt but can I stop myself from eating more….

My current eating program is not far from my usual program, which is everything in moderation, moderate meal sizes and no take away (I’m talking McDonalds etc not Sushi). I have cut down on my carbohydrates (rice and bread) in the last week and increased protein. I have also given up my daily dose of dark chocolate. Hence the struggle today!

I will keep you all posted in the next few days on how I went. Wish me luck!  Want to ask me a question? Just Contact Me!

Liv x