Fully-Fit Weightloss Workshops!

Are you fed up with dieting, wearing clothes that really don’t fit and feeling self-conscious about your weight? If you are finding it hard to stick to any weight loss programme yourself without help and are getting disheartened then this could be your answer.

Our 12-week “Fully-Fit” monitoring and educational workshop with 12 free group personal training sessions!!!

What does the 12-week workshop consist of?

Weekly group meetings for 45-60 minutes. Group meetings can help you to feel more accountable and push you to achieve your goal. We present and discuss different topics each week.

• Dealing with triggers
• Dealing with a weight loss plateau
• Self esteem and self confidence
• Creating a positive mindset
• Planning and preparation
• Use your focus for weight loss success
• Oh no… I slipped up!
• Finding your internal motivation
• Surviving the supermarket shelves
• The benefits of exercise and weight loss
• Eating out, your survival guide
• Keeping your success on track
• Weekly weigh-in, body composition and measurement tracker
• Weekly small group training sessions 45mins (see timetables for locations)
• Weekly personal training programme (self-taught)

What are the benefits to you?

  • Having access to a weight loss specialist each week helps to keep you on track, you are not alone!
  • It is a relatively low-cost and low-time commitment programme.
  • Joining a group of supportive people who are all trying to achieve the same goals can help to motivate you.
  • Being in a non-intimidating environment, feeling supported and knowing you can discuss any issues week to week that may come up, everyone else are likely having the same difficulties.
  • Having access to your own private online calorie controlled meal planner, reporting software and weight loss tools means you can check on your own progress whenever you like whilst planning out your meals, printing off menus and producing shopping lists. We will upload your results each week.
  • Having to commit to a programme, being weighed and measured each week and having your diary checked is good motivation to keep going, not being left to your own devices!

It’s only $70 per week to join for 12 weeks ($840) or if you pay upfront receive a discount of $40. So book in now and lets all get Fully-Fit!!!!

To book, please send us the booking form. Enrollments for our next workshop close on Monday, 7 February for a Tuesday 8 February start. Location Perth city. Group training at a location of your choice, group workshop each Tuesday at 6.30pm.