Five Reasons Why Fitness isn’t the Only Objective of Group Exercise

Admittedly, exercising alone, can be boring. So, the obvious answer seems to be, (no, not the avoidance of exercise!) enrolment in a group exercise program. Whether the group exercise program is formulated to incorporate exercising with your partner, a group of friends or your family; the benefits derived from it, can be numerous. Five such benefits are listed below, for easy reference.

1) Group exercise is a structured activity. This helps people work to a plan and master certain techniques, which in turn, will help them maximize results and give their confidence a much needed boost.

2) A group exercise program creates a sense of accountability, in its participants. To elaborate further, this means that should a person feel like backing off or calling it quits, he/she needs to consider not just the personal implications of such a decision, but its impact on the group as a whole, too.

3) In any activity, we need motivation, to keep going forward. Exercise is no different, and group exercise provides that motivation; as it has, at its very core, like-minded people all pursuing a single goal.

4) Group exercise programs also help people improve their relationships with each other. Bonding over a common interest, has proven to be an effective tool in relationship building; and what better way to do this, than over exercise?

5) Most importantly, perhaps, group exercise can be fun. A few goof ups, a few laughs and a few shared jokes, will make this an activity that everyone is bound to enjoy.

Therefore, as can be clearly seen, the benefits of group exercise, is not confined to physical fitness, alone. It has social and emotional advantages too, which many indeed, find hard to resist.