I have been thinking about all the articles I have read in magazines and newspapers about how we need to eat protein with every meal.  Contrary to popular reading, that’s not exactly correct and I thought you should know about the potential side effects of over consumption of protein.

The rule for protein consumption is 0.8 grams of protein per kilo of weight so if you are 65 kilos you should be consuming around 65g of protein per day. That’s not all that much really.  Balance of nutrients is always key but it is definitely a worry when people are fed information like, “you must eat protein at every meal and do not consume carbohydrates”.  It is the quality of the protein that’s important, not the quantity and carbohydrates are actually also essential to a balanced nutritional life.

Recent studies have shown that eating protein in excess of 95g per day can leave toxic residues in the body which can cause biochemical imbalances, actually diminish strength and endurance, increase the excretion of calcium leading to deficiencies, cause constipation and undue strain on the kidneys. All of these things can lead to illness in the long term.

So before you go crazy on protein, just consider a more balanced diet instead.  Low in sugar and fat and high in fresh, unprocessed food along with complex carbohydrates. Don’t forget portion size either, it’s really important not to overeat in general so listen to your body telling you when you are full.

If you are vegetarian or a vegiac like me (that’s a vegetarian coeliac!) quality protein sources must come from a variety of sources, combining foods. That’s a whole other topic but combining grains with nuts and seeds, or nuts and seeds with milk products, nuts and legumes together or dairy products with legumes, grains and legumes together will help you to achieve quality protein intake.

My next article will be discussing carbohydrate intake so stay tuned!