Isagenix Nutritional Meal Replacements

Isagenix is a nutritional meal replacement system which is all natural and provides a balance of carbohydrates, protein, vitamins and minerals.This system can be tailored to your individual needs for either weight maintenance or weightloss. I’ve attached a link to an ABC News article on the products.  There are many meal replacement programmes out there but this one I find is of high quality and without anything artificial which is really important.  The theory behind it is to provide your cells with optimal nutrition so they can function at an optimal level.  We tend not to get enough nutrients from our diet alone so it makes sense that we often feel below par. By saturating our body with all of the nutrients that we require gives the cell a better chance at functioning well, your body will get rid of any surplus.  Makes sense.  The usual maintenance program allows you to have 2 meals per day and one meal replacement plus snacks so that’s not all that bad is it!

So I wouldn’t recommend anything to someone I haven’t tried myself so although I do have the meal replacement and protein powders regularly, I decided to try the 9 (11) day detox.

The pack actually gives you a program to follow along with what exactly to snack on and the types of foods to have for your meals so it’s really easy to follow.

I started off the first two days with having 2 shakes per day (replacing 2 meals breakfast and dinner) and having a healthy lunch, the next 2 days I was supposed to have the “cleanse drink” 4 x per day with water, nuts for snacks and a salad for dinner.  This actually wasn’t too bad as I could still have some snacks so I didn’t feel too deprived.  For the next 5 days it’s 2 shakes per day and one meal.  I’m finding the 2 shakes per day does make me feel deprived of crunchiness so I’ve substituted for a smaller portioned meal without carbohydrates in the evening which still seems to be working although it’s not totally sticking to the programme.

The key to this programme is consistency, the shakes will provide you with not only vitamins and minerals but a calorie controlled meal balanced in proteins and carbohydrate.  It’s also a natural product so there isn’t anything artificial which is why I am keen to use the product.   You need to choose the meal that you know you overeat and replace it with the shake.  Isagenix provides you with recipes and tips on what you need to eat for snacks and meals so it’s easy to follow. I am aware that any “cleanse” is going to help you lose weight but it’s keeping it off which is the key. That’s where Isagenix has a good maintenance programme to keep you on track.

I’m not quite finished my 11 day programme but I am already sleeping better, feeling less “heavy” and seem to have more energy so i’m going to keep going.  I’ll post my end measurements and please e-mail me if you have any questions about the system.

Four of my clients did do this nutritional cleanse very well found great results, within the first 3 days they all had a weight loss of 2kg, were sleeping really well and were feeling less bloated with more energy. These guys were also on the maintenance programme already and one client made an interesting comment, she said that usually at this time of year she’s had about 3 colds and taken her about a week each time to get over them.  This year since being on the programme she hasn’t been ill apart from one niggling cold which she got over quickly.  I put this down to her having been nutritionally deficient and her immune system was depleted previously.

All in all I think that this system has definite potential and has helped a lot of people.  So if you are looking at losing weight, think about a meal replacement programme which should be used in conjunction with a healthy eating plan and exercise programme.