Group Fitness Training a Day, Keeps the Doctor Away

The old adage states that “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” But with all the inorganic fertilizer and pesticides that are frequently used in fruit cultivation now, this may not ring wholly true, anymore. Therefore with the changing times, I feel, the equivalent new adage should be, “group fitness training a day keeps the doctor away”.

Amusing as that statement may seem, on the surface; it is founded on reality. This is because exercise acts as a deterrent against numerous illnesses ranging from heart disease to blood pressure to diabetes. Morbid obesity or even being a mere few pounds overweight, is thought to increase the chances of an individual contracting cancer; and here too, exercise plays a pivotal role in reducing those extra kilos and thereby reducing the chance of individuals contracting obesity-related diseases.

Group fitness training is also good for recuperation. This is because moderate exercise helps boost the body’s immune system. Therefore sufferers of serious diseases are frequently advised to engage in a regular fitness regimen to boost their chances of survival.

Exercise is not only beneficial to physical health, but it has been found to have a positive impact on mental health, too. This is because exercise is known to relieve stress; and it also helps release chemicals such as Serotonin and Dopamine which are thought to help in the fight against depression and certain other mental health problems.

So, the fact that group fitness helps reduce illness, is indeed, not too far from the truth.  After all, with regular exercise, visits to the doctor can be kept to a minimum, other factors being equal, of course.