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I have been thinking about all the articles I have read in magazines and newspapers about how we need to eat protein with every meal.  Contrary to popular reading, that’s not exactly correct and I thought you should know about the potential side effects of over consumption of protein.

The rule for protein consumption is 0.8 grams of protein per kilo of weight so if you are 65 kilos you should be consuming around 65g of protein per day. That’s not all that much really.  Balance of nutrients is always key but it is definitely a worry when people are fed information like, “you must eat protein at every meal and do not consume carbohydrates”.  It is the quality of the protein that’s important, not the quantity and carbohydrates are actually also essential to a balanced nutritional life.

Recent studies have shown that eating protein in excess of 95g per day can leave toxic residues in the body which can cause biochemical imbalances, actually diminish strength and endurance, increase the excretion of calcium leading to deficiencies, cause constipation and undue strain on the kidneys. All of these things can lead to illness in the long term.

So before you go crazy on protein, just consider a more balanced diet instead.  Low in sugar and fat and high in fresh, unprocessed food along with complex carbohydrates. Don’t forget portion size either, it’s really important not to overeat in general so listen to your body telling you when you are full.

If you are vegetarian or a vegiac like me (that’s a vegetarian coeliac!) quality protein sources must come from a variety of sources, combining foods. That’s a whole other topic but combining grains with nuts and seeds, or nuts and seeds with milk products, nuts and legumes together or dairy products with legumes, grains and legumes together will help you to achieve quality protein intake.

My next article will be discussing carbohydrate intake so stay tuned!

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Checklist to Weightloss

Make a commitment to yourself that you are going to be healthy, for you. It’s the best anti-ageing plan you can have.

1. Find a photo of yourself that you really don’t like the look of and use it for motivation, put it on the fridge, then find a picture of a celebrity body that you want to look like, and put that next to it!

2. Measure. This means measuring with a tape and noting your weight.  If you have access to a trainer they will be able to measure you properly.  This gives you something to keep you motivated especially if you are measuring fortnightly or monthly you can see your progress which just makes you want to keep going.

3. Clear out your fridge of anything bad for you, lollies, chocolate, ice creams, etc and just don’t be tempted to refill, unless it is treat day then choose wisely, something that is really good quality.

4. Fill your fridge with colourful and fresh vegetables and fruits you enjoy.

5. Chop up some fruit into large chunky pieces and leave them in there so everytime you are thinking about snacking, you can quickly grab a piece of fruit.  If you prefer, you could put a small container of mixed nuts or chop up large chunks of some crunchy veggies.

6. Buy a book that you can write in as your daily journal. You should write in your journal each evening how you felt upon waking, what you ate during the day and any notable fatigue, any reactions to foods, what you ate and what you drank, any medications and supplements and what exercise you did during the day.  Write down any stresses and any other notes you feel like.  It’s good to empty you brain of the day that was as well as being truthful about what you actually consumed for the day. You might be surprised at what you actually can consume in one day!

7. Allow yourself a treat day or two per week so as not to feel deprived.

8. Exercise, this can be anything you choose as long as you are off your bottom and moving. Of course getting yourself a personal trainer is always motivating and it means you can’t chicken out when you feel like it but group training is always good especially if you have a competitive spirit.  There is always the option of couple training also if you want to train with your husband or partner and get them involved too that usually assists with changing your diet.

9. Plan. If you are to succeed in being healthy and lose weight or maintain weight you need to plan your meals.  This is especially important if you have any food allergies as it’s not always easy to get something healthy to eat if you aren’t at home.  There are several planning tools but if you are struggling or are bored of the usual salads, the nutrition complete system on my site has a number of calorie controlled recipes to choose from which takes away some of the struggle of what to have for dinner or lunch.  It also assists you in getting the correct nutrition so you aren’t missing out on any vital nutrients. The system also produces a shopping list for you and a weekly table of what you are eating, how many calories, proteins, fats and carbohydrates are in your meals.

10. Cut down on alcohol, remember that there around 100 calories per glass of wine, but it’s not only the calories you need to worry about, it’s the chemicals and the effect on your body. There are more detrimental factors about alcohol than positives so cut it down to no more than 2 glasses per week.

11. Make sure you give yourself a gift like booking a hair appointment, massage, spa treatment or a holiday for reaching your goals.

Stay positive and enjoy your healthy new lifestyle. It’s not easy but if you are prepared, you can do it!!

If you have any questions or tips of your own, feel free to ask or share.


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Pre-Tox for Christmas!

Pre-Tox for Christmas!

Group Fitness and Weightloss Programme

If you are looking to stay in shape of the Christmas and New Year season….

This one could just be what you need by supporting your body with good nutrition and exercise.

Tuesdays & Thursdays Groups Subiaco

Outdoor Programme

Starts November 30 – December 23 (8 Sessions)

Numbers limited to 6 per group.


The Programme

Includes 4 weeks access and introduction to the online Nutrition Complete Weightloss Planner.

You will also receive a full health screening and body composition analysis to keep you on track on the lead up to Christmas.

2, 45 minute sessions per week at either time.

Do all 4 sessions for another $100 and receive 2 for free!  (save $30)

4.30 – 5.15pm Cardio and Bands

Short intervals of cardio alternating with strength training.

5.15 – 6.00pm Boxing Intervals

Boxing exercises alternating with cardio and strength training.

4.30 – 5.15pm Bootcamp Bodywork

This workout is performed entirely using your own body, cardio and strength training.

5.15 – 6.00pm Strength, Cardio & Stretching Circuit

This is a circuit class incorporating a number of different stations to strengthen, stretch and burn fat.

Send me a contact form to ensure your place in the programme. Angie

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Need some motivation to get out and exercise?

Need some motivation to get out and exercise? How about those puppy eyes?

We are always looking for the motivation on a cold morning to get out and do something. Everyday my dogs sit outside my window and look in with their big puppy dog eyes until they hear those words ‘WALK’. How can I resist?

Dogs are a great way to keep you out walking no matter the weather. They need a walk at least once a day if not more and they also need your attention and company. Now I don’t mean driving your dog to the park, letting them off the lead and catching up with your friends, I mean actually walking with your dog, if you do go to the park then run laps with them, throw the ball and play with them. It’s a great way of getting your daily exercise without it actually feeling like a chore.

So next time you are unmotivated to get outside and do your daily exercise, have a look into your dogs eyes! If you don’t have a furry friend then check out winterpaws for information on adopting a malamute or husky and the RSPCA to find all animals available for adoption, you could end up saving each other.

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Whither Fatigue and Kill Laziness with Exercise Class

Fatigue and laziness are common symptoms for those who lead a sedentary lifestyle. Although this can be easily overcome through exercises, not much people are aware of it. Studies have shown that exercises will make a person more energetic than energy drinks or caffeine. Fatigue is caused by lack of energy; therefore, through different types of exercises, you will be able to eradicate fatigue.

A person suffering from fatigue is advised to do 10 minutes of stretching on a daily basis. This will circulate the blood flow to every part of the body. This type of exercise will boost your energy and reduce fatigue.

A beginner will not however be able to regain energy once the exercise regime commences. It takes time to adapt to the routine. This is because the muscles get stretched towards the extreme, thus a beginner will feel more exhausted. However, once the exercise classes are followed in a pious manner, the person will feel the difference.

It’s advisable to plan the workout sessions according to your level of strength. This has to be done under the supervision of a personal trainer. A key point to remember when doing exercises classes is not to overdo on your muscle training as this will increase the fatigue.

If you are joining an exercise class, the personal trainer will advise you the course of diet that you need to adhere to avoid fatigue. Without proper diet, it’s hard to carry on fatigue training. With a qualified personal trainer, you will realize that exercises will definitely drive away the fatigue and laziness.