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Tuesday’s Skinny Plan!

Fusilli Pasta with Salmon & Baby Spinach (click here for tonight’s dinner recipe)


Morning brisk walk: 30 – 45 mins

Brekkie – 1 slice of rye bread or grainy bread toasted with fresh avocado and sliced tomatoes and lots of cracked pepper.

Snack – 50g of sliced turkey and 1 x apple

Lunch – pita pocket filled with salad veggies and your choice of protein

Snack – low fat vita wheat crackers and lite cream cheese x 2

Dinner – Salmon and pasta (see recipe), note that the quantities are for 1 person only just double for 2, etc.  The recipe within the planner provides you with the choice of how many people you want to cook for then produces a recipe and shopping list for you. So easy!

Exercise – Join us at Hyde Park at 4.30pm for a group class or find your local rec centre which will have a variety of classes available.  Other options are: going for a walk for a minimum of 45 minutes but include some jogging intervals, walk for 5 mins then add in a 1 min jog and continue (this is for a beginner).  If you have a dvd or a wii, put it on!  I totally recommend Just Dance 2!!

When you go shopping – buy yourself some flowers to brighten up your home, a nice colourful bunch!

Stretch, relax, read or do yoga late in the evening to wind down.

Remember to write in your “me” Diary!

Recipes are courtesy of Nutrition Complete, a weightloss meal planning system available online, included in our personal training packages. Monthly memberships are available for $15 per month.