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The Miss Fitness Competition!

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be part of a fitness competition? What they eat, how they train, what they have to do to prepare? Find out right here with our own Miss Fitness Competitor, the lovely Liv, Personal Trainer!

Follow Liv’s journey to her first Miss Fitness competition with her first diary entry.  We will be keeping you up to date with her progress so stay tuned!

Saturday 9th April

The Costume!

Trying on bathers can be daunting for anyone no matter what your size or shape.

It came the day today when I went to pick a swimsuit for the upcoming NABBA competition.

Now for those who haven’t seen a fitness competition or pictures of one, let me explain it to you. They are not like normal bathers! I walked in to look at pictures so I could have a pair made but then the owner pulled out a few pre-made ones so I tried them on.

They were tiny, a two piece (which is mandatory), Brazilian cut at the back and sit high above the hips. If you jump onto or Google fitness competitions you will see what I am talking about.

Although I have a good figure from training and eating well, as a woman we tend to judge and criticise our bodies at one time or another and this was the day for me! Yes even trainers have those days! I took a few deep breaths, a few turns in front of the mirror, relaxed and turned it into a positive. I now knew what I had to improve to reach my goal of entering the competition.

I walked away with a training plan in mind for the next few weeks and I ordered a red two piece with silver sparkles. Now for the shoes!

Liv x