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Organic Skincare

My name is Michelle Chick, I’ve been in the beauty industry for over 15 years now, and 5 years ago I had the fortunate opportunity to buy a salon in the lovely suburb of Mt Hawthorn.

One of the questions my clients ask me is, which is the best skincare range to use on their skins?  This is always a hard question to answer, there are literally thousands of skincare ranges on the market each confessing their brand is the best, so it’s not surprising everyone gets bewildered trying to decide which skincare is best for them.

Regardless of designer brand names, sales people walking around in white coats and over paid celebrities promoting a particular brand… marketing can be a very powerful tool which influences consumers into believing their brand must be the best regardless of actually whats in the product.

Humans are organic beings. Consumers are now noticing that companies are putting more and more chemicals in foods these days, resulting in many skin disorders, asthma, ADHD, and other food related health problems.

This is no different to the sensitivities we face using chemicals on our skin.  Consumers are also a lot more informed these days of harmful ingredients in skincare but what you might not know is what those ingredients do to our skin or what they are doing to our body when they are absorbed into the bloodstream

Take the time to read the back of the product and read the ingredients. If it is not 100% guaranteed natural or organic, then it will contain synthetic chemicals.  Even the preservative must be 100% natural.  Some skincare brands market their product saying that they are natural, only to find out the preservatives they contain are all chemicals.

Our skin loves and thrives on natural organic ingredients. Using natural skincare promotes the organic health of our skin leaving it soft, nourished and glowing with the nourishment of Mother Nature.

Your skin is the largest living organ in the body. It is a wonderful asset and must be cared for with kindness.

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