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Create, Health & Fitness are a team based in Perth dedicated to creating healthier living for all through Group Fitness activities, Outdoor Fitness & Personal Training. more about us

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We cater for all age groups and fitness levels and have excercise programs to suit. Whether you prefer a group environment or a one-on-one personal trainer - we can help you.our services

Some helpful tips to a healthy life

Healthy weightloss is all about balance and moderation, not fad diets. At Create, Health & Fitness we can offer positive advice and help from experts in the health & fitness field.read more

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If you are ready to start, please go to our bookings page and choose from our group fitness classes or if you prefer - one of our personal trainers.
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Personal Trainer Perth

Our Personal Trainer will design a training program to suit your fitness level

Create Health & Fitness - Perth WA
Personal training & group fitness services

It is now more than ever that everyone needs to consider lifestyle, daily activity and diet. With the rate of chronic disease increasing, it is never too early to make changes in your life.

Create Health and Fitness offers you your own personal trainer or an extensive range of group fitness services around Perth in areas such as Mt Hawthorn, Mt Lawley & North Perth and includes great outdoor fitness programs.

Our trainers are here to assist you in making those changes necessary to meet your health and fitness objectives with the right combination of fitness, motivation, dietary advice and lifestyle tips.

If you are a women looking for some time out for some excercise with a personal trainer, a couple looking to get fit together in an outdoor environment or a whole family workout in a group situation, we have a solution for you.

We have all of your health needs covered.
We partner with professionals

Partnered with a physio/exercise physiologist and pilates instructor to make sure your injuries are assessed, a naturopath for your specific nutritional and health needs, a psychologist to help you implement changes and a beautician to reward yourself when you reach your goals, we can provide you with a total health solution.

See the about us page to find out more.
Outdoor Fitness is great for older groups and couples

Our Services
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Personal Trainer: You-fit

Fully focussed on you, One-on-one personal training - Read more

Group Fitness: Two-fit

Fitness for you and your partner, get fit together instead of spending time apart. You will both love it! - Read more

Group Fitness: Group-fit

Circuit training for small groups of friends or work colleagues of 3-6 - Read more

Group Fitness: Family-fit

Fitness for the whole family, consisting of circuits and games - Read more

View all our services to find out what we can offer you or your family or contact us for your free consultation. Our services

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