Sunday, January 8th, 2012

So after the holidays we all feel like our fitness has decreased and could do with a bit of weightloss.  If you are prepared to put in the effort, you will get the rewards! How?

Well all the basics but with a few extras.

1) Get yourself an empty journal and a basic heart rate monitor, you can get the basic ones relatively cheaply now from a Rebel Sports Store or somewhere similar. This is going to be really useful.

2) Measure your resting heart rate, time how many heart beats you have in 30 seconds then double it to get your resting heart rate.  This is going to be useful in tracking your fitness progression.

3) Take your age away from 220 to get a rough idea of your maximum heart rate. You want to be working consistently at 50-60% of your maximum heart rate to achieve a result, anything higher and you enter an anaerobic zone and at this point you don’t want to be there. Not at the start.

4) So start by walking and monitoring your HR via your monitor or by taking your HR after you have been walking for at least 10 minutes to make sure you are in the correct zone.  Continue your walk for a minimum of 45 minutes.  Preferably you will do your walk after dinner in the evening or both in the early morning and evening.  Make sure you are safe if you are walking after dark. NOTE:  if you increase your HR too quickly and go too hard too fast, you risk your changes of injury, fatigue and lactic acid build up which isn’t pleasant.

5) You also want to work on building muscle mass, so assuming you have a few weights at home try concentrating on the eccentric phase of your exercise, this means the part of the exercise that lengthens the muscle i.e. the lowering part of a bicep curl, so slow it right down, focus on the downward part of a step up, walking downstairs or a squat/lunge.  The eccentric phase has shown to be more efficient in building muscle. NOTE: remember that you also need to take in adequate proteins for building muscle but don’t get crazy and only eat protein, add in a protein shake every second day.

6) Weightloss, the fitter you are, the more energy burning units you have in your cells, the more efficient your body is at using the energy you are putting into it.  Essentially, feed your body only what it requires and with balanced nutrition.  See my Face Book Page for the latest nutritional chart. Follow the basic rules and you will be surprised with adding in more activity you will get a result.

7) Make sure you increase your workouts and walks by 5-10% each week, so work out your plans and stick to them.  Take note of your resting HR in your journal so you can see your progress, after a week start adding in some intervals. For interval training your HR should be up to 80% of your HR Max. So changing the intensity at regular or irregular intervals, run/walk, add in some lunges and squats, step ups and push ups at different parks around your walks.

8) Adequate rest, do make sure you have adequate rest days, at the beginning 3 days, then 2 days and at a minimum 1 day.  Your body does need rest or it is detrimental to your efforts and can cause you to have exhaustion and a decline in your fitness programme.  Take your resting HR again in a few weeks time to see how you have improved!

For more information on planning an exercise programme, please feel free to ask!

Contact Angie at Create Health and Fitness, personal trainer Perth, Mt Hawthorn, Mt Lawley, Joondanna, Subiaco, North Perth, North Beach and surrounding suburbs.





Sunday, November 13th, 2011

Yoga Therapy – “Unlocking the hidden Vitality” – Joondalup Course Starts Wednesday 17th @ 5:30pm 

4 week course with a therapeutic intention to restore balance, increase vitality, and improve attitude. Yoga techniques and practices to help individuals facing health challenges at any level. It can help prevent and aid recovery from physical and mental ailments. Transforming both the body and the mind. Yoga therapy adapts the practice of Yoga to the needs of people with specific or persistent health problems not usually addressed in a group class.

Numbers are limited to 5

Booking essential* – 5.30pm Joondalup – bring a mat and or large bath towel & water

Book Now!

*The 4-week costs $80 and is to be paid in advance, no refunds for cancellations.

Thursday, September 8th, 2011


So, the weekend is slightly different, sometimes a bit harder to exercise and eat well. But we can try….

Saturday night meal…Mediterranean Turkey Breast Steaks (click here for your dinner recipe)

Exercise first thing on Saturday morning with your partner, friend or kids.  If you have a family, make it a family thing. The weather is going to be fantastic so why not take yourself to the beach.  Beach walking or running is excellent exercise.  Gardening is also a great option, you might be surprised at how much hard work it actually is.  So the idea for the weekend is the more activity the better.

Saturday is a good day to have some “cheat” foods, whatever that might be for you, just don’t over do it.

Remember to keep putting notes in your “me” diary which helps to keep you on track.


Dinner Recipes are courtesy of Nutrition Complete, a weightloss meal planning system available online, included in our personal training packages. Monthly memberships are available for $15 per month.

Thursday, September 8th, 2011


Fish Parcels with Lemon, Dill and Onion (click here for tonight’s dinner recipe – takes 10 mins!!) 

Brekkie – 1 x slice of grainy toasted bread and lite cream cheese with tomatoes and lots of cracked pepper

Snack – 1 x piece of fruit and a handful of mixed nuts, include brazils and walnuts

Lunch – chicken salad 50g, lots of dark leafy greens, flax seed oil, sesame seeds. Add a small grainy roll.

Snack – 1 x piece of fruit and handful of seeds.

Dinner – Fish Parcels, per recipe super quick!

Exercise – Try exercising at lunch time today instead of in the evening. Go out for a brisk walk for 45 mins or if you are able to shower at your office, try a walk/jog again but try 2 mins jog, 1 min walk or attend a class. Take one of your workmates with you for motivation!

If you are going out for after work drinks, try to stick to no more than two, if you have access to gin or vodka, choose one of those and add soda with fresh lemon.

Remember to write in your “me” Diary!

Enjoy! Angie :o)

Dinner Recipes are courtesy of Nutrition Complete, a weightloss meal planning system available online, included in our personal training packages. Monthly memberships are available for $15 per month.


Wednesday, September 7th, 2011

Balsamic Beef & Sweet Potato Mash (click here for today’s recipe, the quantities are for one person so just double it, etc)


Brekkie – Protein shake with Berries, cinnamon, honey. 250mls

Snack – Greek yoghurt and mixed nuts.

Lunch – Grainy Roll with salad and your choice of protein

Snack – 1 x piece of fruit

Dinner – Beef (or if you are vegetarian, make this recipe with a large field mushroom).

Exercise – Brisk walk, including intervals per yesterday’s plan. Add in some lunges, squats, push ups and tricep dips, try sets of 10 – 15.

Stretch, relax, read or do yoga late in the evening to wind down.

Remember to write in your “me” Diary!

Enjoy! Angie :o)

Dinner Recipes are courtesy of Nutrition Complete, a weightloss meal planning system available online, included in our personal training packages. Monthly memberships are available for $15 per month.


Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be part of a fitness competition? What they eat, how they train, what they have to do to prepare? Find out right here with our own Miss Fitness Competitor, the lovely Liv, Personal Trainer!

Follow Liv’s journey to her first Miss Fitness competition with her first diary entry.  We will be keeping you up to date with her progress so stay tuned!  

Saturday 9th April

 The Costume!

Trying on bathers can be daunting for anyone no matter what your size or shape.

It came the day today when I went to pick a swimsuit for the upcoming NABBA competition.

Now for those who haven’t seen a fitness competition or pictures of one, let me explain it to you. They are not like normal bathers! I walked in to look at pictures so I could have a pair made but then the owner pulled out a few pre-made ones so I tried them on.

They were tiny, a two piece (which is mandatory), Brazilian cut at the back and sit high above the hips. If you jump onto or Google fitness competitions you will see what I am talking about.

Although I have a good figure from training and eating well, as a woman we tend to judge and criticise our bodies at one time or another and this was the day for me! Yes even trainers have those days! I took a few deep breaths, a few turns in front of the mirror, relaxed and turned it into a positive. I now knew what I had to improve to reach my goal of entering the competition.

I walked away with a training plan in mind for the next few weeks and I ordered a red two piece with silver sparkles. Now for the shoes!

 Liv x

Monday, August 2nd, 2010

Pre-Tox for Christmas!

Group Fitness and Weightloss Programme

If you are looking to stay in shape of the Christmas and New Year season….

This one could just be what you need by supporting your body with good nutrition and exercise.

Tuesdays & Thursdays Groups Subiaco

Outdoor Programme

Starts November 30 – December 23 (8 Sessions)

Numbers limited to 6 per group.


The Programme

Includes 4 weeks access and introduction to the online Nutrition Complete Weightloss Planner.

You will also receive a full health screening and body composition analysis to keep you on track on the lead up to Christmas.

2, 45 minute sessions per week at either time.

Do all 4 sessions for another $100 and receive 2 for free!  (save $30)

4.30 – 5.15pm Cardio and Bands

Short intervals of cardio alternating with strength training.

5.15 – 6.00pm Boxing Intervals

Boxing exercises alternating with cardio and strength training.

4.30 – 5.15pm Bootcamp Bodywork

This workout is performed entirely using your own body, cardio and strength training.

5.15 – 6.00pm Strength, Cardio & Stretching Circuit

This is a circuit class incorporating a number of different stations to strengthen, stretch and burn fat.

Send me a contact form to ensure your place in the programme. Angie